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We focus on our clients’ businesses and deep dive into their business operations with them to formula business strategy and workflow with our clients.
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Our Story

Since 2012, Bright System focuses on digital transformation for our clients. Our aim is to discover clients’ business goals and challenges and achieve them by utilizing Salesforce (#1 CRM)’s capabilities. We focus on our clients’ businesses and deep dive into their business operations to formulate business strategies and workflows with our clients.

We believe digital transformation is a long term process. Therefore we are dedicated to provide continuous support to our clients. Our support extends beyond technical fixes and to provide regular business reviews to understand business changes and challenges of our clients and provide suggestions on how to continuously enhance their business through Salesforce.

Core Value

Salesforce Dedicated

We solely focus on Salesforce projects to make sure our clients get most from Salesforce technologies. Every role in Bright System, from sales, pre sales, consulting, implementation to account success are professional and dedicated to Salesforce so as to provide a top class Salesforce consulting experience to our clients.

Business Focus

We focus on clients’ business, not just IT. All our consultants are equipped with strong business sense, they study our clients’ business operations and provide suggestions on how to optimize by Salesforce. Our clients only need to discuss their business with us, not complicated IT specifications.

Long Term Commitment

We treat the end of a project as the start of relationships with our clients and we are committed to build up long term success with our clients. With our dedicated full time account success team, we continuously support and advise our clients in Salesforce to make sure they achieve their business goals.

Why Bright System

  • Business Focus
  • Flexible and Agile
  • Dedicated to Salesforce Consultancy
  • Achieve Results for Client
  • Government Funding Support
  • Continuous Consultancy and Advisory
  • Life Long Support

Professional Certification

Project Management

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