CRM For Marketing (Pardot)


CRM For Marketing (Pardot) Overview

Utilize Salesforce Pardot (Marketing CRM) to generate more pipeline, empower sales teams to close more deals for B2B businesses.
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Marketing Automation CRM

Close more deals with intelligent lead nurturing

Pardot automatically sends emails and performs marketing tasks based on triggers including time, user interactions, and other custom parameters.

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Send personal messages with dynamic content

Pardot uses data to personalize the customer experience, display targeted offers, and seamlessly develop nurturing and email paths as you uncover new information.

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Connect at the right moment with real-time alerts

Pardot responds to prospects when it matters, learns what’s happening between sales calls, and gets alerts about prospect actions.

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Generate More Leads

Drive engagement with landing pages and forms

Use marketing CRM Pardot to launch beautiful, branded landing pages using templates. Deliver superior email marketing.

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Deliver superior email marketing

Build professional email campaigns, at scale, that earn proven results and drive customer engagement with marketing CRM Pardot.

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Attract interest with webinars and events

Manage and track all your events down to the last detail — all from marketing CRM Pardot.

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TVP Funding (Funding Technology Voucher Programme)

Salesforce Sales Cloud project is covered by HKSAR government’s TVP funding.
The fund subsidizes HKD 600,000 of development cost.

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