Salesforce CRM Implementation

Customer Relationship Management

What is CRM

(Customer Relationship Management)

Salesforce CRM helps organizations build customer relationships and streamline processes so they can increase sales, improve customer service, and increase profitability.

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Bright System Focus on CRM Implementation
in the following aspects:

CRM For Sales

Salesforce Sales Cloud

CRM For Marketing

Salesforce Pardot

CRM For Service

Salesforce Service Cloud

CRM for Cloud Workspace

Quip and Chatter

CRM For Omnichannel


Business Intelligence

Tableau Implementation

Benefit of CRM

Customer relationship management matters a lot to businesses. Salesforce CRM has a proven record of:
Sales by up to 37%
Sales Productivity by up to 44%
Forecast accuracy by 48%

How can CRM help your business?

(Customer Relationship Management)

Better Lead Management

Salesforce CRM helps businesses to identify and add new leads easily and quickly and categorize them accurately. Customer relationship management also helps businesses to build an efficient lead qualification strategy, which allows sales representatives to follow the lead in the most effective way.

More referral from existing business

Salesforce CRM helps companies to understand their customers better. With better information companies can keep customers happy with better service. Happy customers are likely to become repeat customers, and they spend more than other customers.

Improve product and service

Salesforce CRM generates in depth insights into how customers feel and what they are saying about companies. Companies can utilize the information to improve their offers, spot problem early.

TVP Funding (Funding Technology Voucher Programme)

Salesforce Sales Cloud project is covered by HKSAR government’s TVP funding.
The fund subsidizes HKD 600,000 of development cost.

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